mip-lodzA laboratory rig for microwave plasma polymerisation consist of : Microwave plasma source with TEM-mode double resonant coaxial cavity powerized via double stub coaxial tuner with reflectometer from a magnetron power head supplied from a switch mode high voltage current controller enabling continuous regulation of plasma power. Plasma is excited in a quartz tube of 26mm ID. Working pressure range of 0.1-10mBar is accomplished by a vacuum pomp protected with the use of liquid nitrogen freezer. Control of pressure is provided by a Baratron vacuum transducer 222 type (MKS USA). Three channels of gas control were applied: 1 for carrier gas and 2 for monomers. Reaction chamber made of Pyrex glass has 145mm in diameter and is 73mm high with bottom and upper plates made of stainless steel. In the upper plate there are two ports for gas monomers while the carrier gas is introduced from the top of discharge tube. A proper screening of the tube was provided against microwave hazard. The entire plasma source together whit upper part of the reaction chamber is movable up and down using an electric activator and can also be moved horizontally by a hand. Plasma power range is adjustable from 10watts up to 1kW. Flow rates of gases are controlled using 3 electronic mass flow controllers (β ERG Warsaw, Poland). Control cabinet contains electrical and electronic circuitry governing the system and enables automatic or manual settings of power level and gas flows with readings provided by digital indicators installed on the front panel. The system can also be controlled via serial RS232 using a computer.


plazmatronika, naczynia teflonowe , uniclever, mineralizator, mineralizacja, plazma, mikrofalowa, urzπdzenie